Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sports 24/7

When I was younger, and even into my college years, I had very little appreciation for professional sports.  Even though I grew up in a house where Sundays meant football was on t.v. all day long and even though I actually played sports in middle and high school (ok, well, 'played' is a bit generous; I was on teams), once I went off to college there were likely weeks, months and maybe even a year there when there was not a single football or baseball game on t.v.  And then one day I met Christian and tolerated the occasional game on in the background while I read a book because I had fallen in love. And then a few more years passed and I might have watched a few minutes here or there and paid attention for one or two of those "you have to see this" plays because I was actually starting to enjoy it. And now it is 17 years later and there is an 8 year-old who hasn't met a sport she doesn't like and a 4 year-old who already knows the colors and quarterbacks of most of the NFL teams.  I suppose what that means is that all weekend long there is a cacophony of sports noise - games on tvs and radios and ESPN highlight clips and You Tube videos capturing the incredible moments we missed - and lots and lots and lots of discussions about who we want to win.  

So, if your house is anything like mine and you were paying attention last night you probably busted out your favorite Red Sox shirt early this morning too:

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

More Summer?

Unreal.  It is October.  It is actually starting to feel cool (ish) outside and yet I still have not found the time to post the rest of the summertime pics I wanted to share.  The 7th blogiversary came and went and  (I suppose) the hectic pace of life over here in the Vaicius house made it impossible to celebrate the occasion.  Maybe this is just the natural progression of things over here.  I think about it all the time. Eight year old Lucy has some strong opinions already and the start of preteen angst and those things taken together remind me regularly that she just might not want me to broadcast her life over the great interwebs.  There is no real roadmap for this sort of thing. So, perhaps the occasional update for posterity is just about right for everyone.

And on that note, I give you a few of my favorites from our lovely beach vacation: