Thursday, January 30, 2014

Newtons for Running

Have you ever spied these guys on the well-toned calves of a runner and thought you just had to have them?

It happened to me frequently for about a year and I just put off the investment for many reasons - 1.  I am a Brooks girl and I have always run happy in Brooks, 2.  Newtons are not cheap (relatively speaking), and 3.  I never felt like a serious enough runner to wear them.  Two full marathons, more 1/2 marathons than I can count, an average 8:30/9:00mm pace, and a weekly regiment of anywhere from 10 to 30 miles over the last 20 or so years (depending on work and babies and spirit) just didn't seem to place me in that upper echelon of runners deserving of such a super-hot shoe.  But I talked about them all the time, coveted them on others, read about them, and fantasized about running in them for so long that I finally decided to get a pair.  And, sadly, the decision coincided with my first ever running injury, the dreaded IT band (I am slowly getting back to my old running routine 6 weeks later thanks to acupuncture, stretching, more stretching, yoga, and foam rolling - more on my injury and recovery soon).  The injury sidelined me mid-way through the training for the Mardi Gras Marathon, this one would have been my third.  The MGM is this Sunday.  I will be standing on the sidelines, green with envy, but trying to remember how good it felt to hear the cheers and shouts of encouragement up and down St. Charles Avenue.  Oh, and I will be wearing my Newtons with pride, because I finally realized that I deserve to.

And have you missed seeing these guys?

These photos are actually about 2 months old!  They are getting so big so fast, but what's new.