Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Spring & if then Summer

It has been so long that it took a few tries to get the password right when I logged in the Blogger account.  I somehow convinced myself that life was much more hectic when the kiddos were newborns and toddlers.  People told me otherwise, but I never believed it.  I was sure that when they became more independent, started evolving into their own little people, it would free up time for me.  I would read more, run more, work more, clean more, REST more.  Wow.  I was wrong.  I have, perhaps, learned to prioritize a little better than in the past.  What that means, however, is that blogging falls in a place that is near the bottom of the list, close to putting away clothes and cleaning/dusting the baseboards (yes, that one is actually on my list).

So, here's what has been going on, just in case you don't feel like you have been properly updated via Facebook and Instagram.

Soccer season ended and both kids ended the season on high notes.  Luz improved a ton over the past few months and even got a few goals.  James spent most of his season dancing around the ball, but moving quickly and with great gusto.  Here he is at his last game, getting some serious sideline coaching from Christian and more interested in my camera lens:

Here he is, post-trophy ceremony. I think it is absolutely insane that every kid gets a trophy, but that is a blog post for another day.  The shelves are already filled with trophies that just were not earned.  The trophy only lasted a few nights on the bookshelf.  James called me into the room and told me it was glowing and freaking him out because it looked like scary, golden eyes.  The trophy is now in my room and I don't plan to hold on to it until he outgrows his nightmares (James' unhealthy sleep hygiene is also a post for another day).

Post-game pile-on and snowballs:

Then there was Easter and time with cousins and lazy afternoons in Thibodaux and crawfish and corn-hole and egg hunts and baseball practice:

Lucy with cousins, Jack and William

James, yes that's his Thanksgiving headgear:

When I looked back at the pictures that I have taken over the last few months this one in particular caught my eye and made my heart ache a little because he looks so old.  Maybe it is because he is drinking a Coke (I was not the adult that allowed him to have this - one guess who it was)?

James & Jack, waiting for the next round of corn-hole:

 Ready to hunt:

Luz w/ Walker, playing with stickers:

Family Easter Sunday pic - what is up with all of the dogs!!!  They were everywhere, and really wanted in on the photo:

Jamesy, blowing bubbles:

There are many more pics and stories to tell.  I promise I will get to them soon, but I have a few more things on my list to tackle before bedtime, you understand!