Sunday, December 25, 2011

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Card Out-takes Attempt #3

As it is now Christmas Eve Eve (why does it have a way of sneaking up on me ever year even though I have seen Christmas stuff in the aisles of every store since Halloween?) I am sharing all of the attempts.  We have an exciting and busy couple of days ahead of us and then a trip to Atlanta so I think posting will be sporadic, if at all.

This particular collection of pictures is not too bad, in fact, a few of these could have worked, but they just were not quite right.

Grumpy and distracted:

Look at the camera, please:

Holy crazy smile:

Not that the one that I went with was heads and shoulders above these or anything, but jeez.  I might have to plan better next year and get a professional photographer involved.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend 2011 - 3

After a long weekend in Thibodaux we returned to NOLA just in time to spend an evening with our favorite, dynamic duo - the B'ham twins, and the newest addition to the Eustis side of the family, beautiful baby Miller. James had a great time running around the house with the twins, leaving detritus in their wake.  It was something to see.  I think the twins actually taught him a thing or two about mischief-making...isn't it supposed to be the other way around?  Meanwhile, Luz enjoyed every minute of being the 'oldest' cousin and some quality bonding time with precious Miller.

It was almost impossible to get them all together for a picture.  I had to make do:

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Card Out-takes Attempt #2

Luz and James were recently in my cousin's wedding and I was scheming the moment I saw Jamesy's adorable wedding outfit.  I knew that I would have them both in nice clothes and that if I toted my camera around I would get at least one picture that would work for the Christmas card.  Yeah...wishful thinking:

He is three (almost).  He is a boy.  He does not have time for my ridiculous dreams.  And meanwhile, very much as usual, she is patient, helpful and ever so eager to please.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend 2011 - Part 2 blog post a week is just not cutting it.  I do not know where the week went, but it flew by and I just did not have a free minute to myself (or if I did I must have been busy getting ready for Christmas and enjoying the holiday).  I love this time of year and while the days pass by at a glacial rate for the kids, the time absolutely flies for me.  I cannot believe I only have7 more days of silver bells, Christmas carols, and endless general holiday awesomeness.  I will definitely have some post-holiday depression on January 2nd. Until then, I am enjoying every minute of it and appreciating the incredible amount of enthusiasm over here.  The city is filled with incredible holiday festivities, and I have tried to take advantage of as many as possible.  I even took the kids to a place called Santa's Secret Workshop yesterday.  During Halloween the place operates as a haunted house, which should give you a hint or two about the operation.  The kids loved every minute of it and even tolerated a decent wait.

I have some nice pictures from the weekend but I am still catching up on Thanksgiving, so please bear with me.  Here are a few more from our weekend in the country:

Headed out for a swamp tour in Papa's Jeep:

Pete, enjoying some quiettime in the hammock:

Nana &Papa with the grandkids:

Nana with her cuddlebug:

Luz and GG, walking and talking:

Harvesting citrus:

James after eating a bitter grapefruit, belly filled with citrus:

Satsuma trees.  We LOVE these.  There are some people in my family who overdose on these delicious treats and actually start to turn orange.  I think James will be the same way!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend 2011 - Part 1

I mentioned a few posts ago how incredibly special our Thanksgiving was this year.  The kids will never forget their weekend in Thibodaux with their cousins!  There is nothing in the world like running around in the country with your best friends - there is room to roam, shout, climb, play, make a mess, and explore- and Luz and James enjoyed every minute of it (so did I).  It was a total blessing that the Thanksgiving holiday worked out the way it did and that is why I will always cherish the memories.

I am finally taking the time to put some of my favorite photographs from the week/weekend on the blog.  It was hard to narrow it down as there were so many lovely moments, not all of which were captured properly (user error, as usual), but the highlights and the special parts that I would like to remember are below.  I had to break it into two posts because it is simply too many pictures to include in one post. I hope to get to Part 2 later this week if time allows.

Late evening walk in the cane fields with GG on our first day...waiting with HUGE anticipation for the arrival of the Atlanta crew:

Celebrating sweet Liam's 6th Birthday, we could not watit to surprise him with a cake:

Early morning, surveying the scene, hoping that his cousins are awake and ready to play:

Pete and James watching the cane harvest (lots of big machinery out there):

Liam, catching up to join the fun...I cannot remember why he was carrying a broom (I think he and Lucy were sprucing up the doll house):

Turkey in the fryer, off-the-wall (and delicious) microbrew in hand:

The 2011 Indian get-up...I hope this tradition never gets old:

Delicious Thanksgiving meal...the weather was so nice that we were able to set up some tables outside.  Note the gigantic turkey leg in Lucy's hand and her expression.  In typical fashion, Christian made a comment about how he thought it was awesome she was eating a turkey leg, Lucy hated the attention that caused and became sort of pouty for the duration of lunch:

A little post-meal playing:

Pre-turkey coma:

Ready for the hayride, courtesy of Uncle George:

James, cuddled up with Aunt Sue & Liam (note onset of turkey coma in the background of the 2nd photo):

Laim, learning all about sugar cane harvesting:

My South Louisiana boy, double-fisting...satsuma and sugar cane, the perfect Thanksgiving dessert:

My beautiful sis-in-law, enjoying the hayride (I mean really, who looks that good on a hayride!):

Marty, Sue, Pete & Liam:

Sun setting:

Checking the ditch for snakes:

Sorting some rocks he found along the way:

Nana and Pap-T enjoyed the ride too: