Sunday, December 11, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend 2011 - Part 1

I mentioned a few posts ago how incredibly special our Thanksgiving was this year.  The kids will never forget their weekend in Thibodaux with their cousins!  There is nothing in the world like running around in the country with your best friends - there is room to roam, shout, climb, play, make a mess, and explore- and Luz and James enjoyed every minute of it (so did I).  It was a total blessing that the Thanksgiving holiday worked out the way it did and that is why I will always cherish the memories.

I am finally taking the time to put some of my favorite photographs from the week/weekend on the blog.  It was hard to narrow it down as there were so many lovely moments, not all of which were captured properly (user error, as usual), but the highlights and the special parts that I would like to remember are below.  I had to break it into two posts because it is simply too many pictures to include in one post. I hope to get to Part 2 later this week if time allows.

Late evening walk in the cane fields with GG on our first day...waiting with HUGE anticipation for the arrival of the Atlanta crew:

Celebrating sweet Liam's 6th Birthday, we could not watit to surprise him with a cake:

Early morning, surveying the scene, hoping that his cousins are awake and ready to play:

Pete and James watching the cane harvest (lots of big machinery out there):

Liam, catching up to join the fun...I cannot remember why he was carrying a broom (I think he and Lucy were sprucing up the doll house):

Turkey in the fryer, off-the-wall (and delicious) microbrew in hand:

The 2011 Indian get-up...I hope this tradition never gets old:

Delicious Thanksgiving meal...the weather was so nice that we were able to set up some tables outside.  Note the gigantic turkey leg in Lucy's hand and her expression.  In typical fashion, Christian made a comment about how he thought it was awesome she was eating a turkey leg, Lucy hated the attention that caused and became sort of pouty for the duration of lunch:

A little post-meal playing:

Pre-turkey coma:

Ready for the hayride, courtesy of Uncle George:

James, cuddled up with Aunt Sue & Liam (note onset of turkey coma in the background of the 2nd photo):

Laim, learning all about sugar cane harvesting:

My South Louisiana boy, double-fisting...satsuma and sugar cane, the perfect Thanksgiving dessert:

My beautiful sis-in-law, enjoying the hayride (I mean really, who looks that good on a hayride!):

Marty, Sue, Pete & Liam:

Sun setting:

Checking the ditch for snakes:

Sorting some rocks he found along the way:

Nana and Pap-T enjoyed the ride too:

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Kitty Brown said...

These are awesome pictures. What a gift those days were for you guys!