Sunday, August 16, 2009

Home Improvements, August 2009

Over the past two weeks somewhere in between James' first ear infection and La Luz's first overnight stay in the hospital for severe dehydration and what was later determined to be (probably) an acute virus, we transformed this:

into this:

It isn't anything particularly fancy but at least I am not scared to go in there to check email anymore. It is not totally complete but it is getting there. The flooring is made by Flor and I love it. It was totally easy to install, super cheap and good quality.


Anonymous said...


The cubes look awesome. Was it hard to put together? It is all coming together and I love the floor.

Kitty Brown said...

Wow! Everything looks great. I heard about Lucy's adventure (and Katie's semi-regular appearance in it) last night at dinner - so glad she's doing better.