Sunday, July 11, 2010

Not Knowing Quite What To Do With Myself

My inspiration is on vacation so, rather than chasing after the kids with my camera, I am doing what I can to fill this quiet time productively. I have been catching up with old friends, sorting toys and clothes for goodwill, building furniture, and running as much as possible. I don't like being alone. I am not the kind of person that craves personal time. I work so much that each second with Christian and the kids is a treasured moment, but I understand the importance of remembering the other things that interest me and of creating memories for the kids. So, while Luz and James are swimming and playing and staying up late and eating sugary snacks, exhausting Nana and Papa-T, and really learning what summer is all about, I am going to take advantage of the empty house and tackle a few projects. All the while, I will be daydreaming about these guys:

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