Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jamesy Firsts

James had his first bona fide 'playdate' last Sunday with one of his friends from ASHFIN, Grace. He could barely contain his excitement all weekend and told everyone who would listen that he was going to play at "Gracie's house". When we pulled up to her house and she was on the porch waving he practically catapulted out of his car seat. He enjoyed every minute of his time with Grace - playing with her many wonderful train sets, cooking in her kitchen, checking out all of her dress up and enjoying a peaceful lunch together featuring some of his favorite items -Gogurt and fruit gummies. It was the perfect day.

Here he is with sweet, adorable Grace:

I just love how his happiness is captured in the pics. There is no denying that he is totally psyched. Grace has graduated from ASHFIN and is headed to 'big girl' school, much to James' chagrin.


Anonymous said...

That looks like a new smile! You can tell he is having an awesome time. Love Nana

Linda said...

They are so cute!!! julie he is getting so big!