Sunday, November 11, 2012

Soccer Season 2012

Saturday marked the finale of the 2012 Fall soccer league for Chicago Fire.  The Superkids wrapped up a stellar season of mostly cat herding and snack eating.  Overall, James was thrilled to hear that, for the remainder of 2012, most of his Saturday mornings will be spent in pajamas watching cartoons and lounging around.  And this is coming from someone who scored 5 goals on his last day of the season.  Sweet Luz, on the other hand, was sad to see it end and even played through a low-grade fever to finish strong.  All she wanted was one goal, but it was totally elusive (and not for a lack of trying - there were only about a dozen goals for the Firecrackers all season).  I loved watching her develop over the season.  It was incredibly competitive for a team of 7 year old girls and I even caught myself holding my breath and closing my eyes and crossing my fingers and hoping that just maybe the goalie would slip or the wind would be behind her on those very close calls, but it never happened this season.  She has the right attitude too though...try and try and try again and take a deep breath and get out there and try some more.  She was thrilled to get a medal and a post-game donut and is already looking forward to next season with her eyes still fixed on the prize. 

James, psyched out of his mind that soccer is over:

Sweet girl, all heart:

Luz, last shot on goal for 2012:

Meanwhile, James was inspecting his battle scars and waiting (in fairness, VERY patiently like he did every Saturday) for Lucy's game to end:

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dredwinf ford said...

very cute children..

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