Sunday, June 09, 2013


James is playing Carrollton t-ball this summer and somehow Christian ended up coaching the team.  All this after he swore he would never coach softball/t-ball again at the end of Lucy's season last year. But, for better or worse, he found himself in the particular position he wanted no part of and with a much less dutiful child.  What Lu lacks in athletic prowess is balanced beautifully by her coach-ability and diligence.  James is the opposite end of the spectrum and completely takes advantage of the fact that his dad is the coach.  The incessant whining and begging "just to bat, instead of playing outfield" and the exhausting excuses, 'the sun is in my eyes'; 'this hat is itchy'; 'it's so hot',  only fall by the wayside when he fields a grounder and easily beats a runner to the base or knocks the ball too far for 4 year-old legs to chase - those are the moments when he actually has a good time and, for a second, we can all enjoy an hour at the ballpark.  


Lu, coaching 3rd, full of advice and motivation

Feet don't fail me now. The kid is actually fast if he tries.

Post-game team drink, best part of the afternoon, apparently

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Grandma said...

Gosh Julie, I can't believe how fast Lucy & James are growing! They are the cutest kids! I miss them so much!

Love you all, aunt Linda