Monday, June 29, 2009


Not much has been going on around here. I would say I have finally, slowly, fallen back into a routine but, since Molls is still in town, I guess that isn't quite true. But I do sort of feel like the little, inconsequential things are making their way back into the forefront of my brain, the same, tired refrain : work is busy and stressful and I doubt myself; I don't have enough time with La Luz and James; the house is a zoo, the list goes on. It makes me sad in a way. In a way I don't want to ever be preoccupied with such things again. If I am going to be preoccupied I want it to be with the big stuff, with filling that empty hole that consumed me a month ago, because to not feel that way is to admit that I am moving on and, on some level, that feels even worse than simply grieving. I am not unrealistic. I think I understand what is going on here.

The process is helped along by other things in my life, these incredible distractions...

He is into this now:

and is teething, maybe:

and warming up a bit to tummy time:

and Lucy time:


Anonymous said...

Ohhh I miss them soo much. Can't wait to see you all soon.

Robincita said...

He's getting so big, Julie!