Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summertime In Thibodaux

It was a rare weekend of very few obligations so we decided to spend it in Thibodaux. Despite the incredibly high temperature, there was a nice breeze and we stayed cool by spending hours in the pool. We literally had to pull La Luz from the pool. I think she would have spent the entire weekend swimming if we allowed it. By the end of the weekend, and after much patience on Molly's part, La Luz was swimming the length of the pool (with floaties, of course) and jumping in without anyone there to catch her. She has improved dramatically since last summer, so I suppose the over-priced swimming lessons paid-off.

There is no doubt that it was a weekend well-spent, but it was not without a fair amount of heavy-heartedness. The last time we were out there was Easter weekend. I remember staring in disbelief as Pop rolled around on the floor with James, both of them laughing. It seems like yesterday and, yet, like ages ago. I missed him...probably a bit too much, but I felt comforted by the familiar sounds he loved and by the smell of the night blooming jasmine right outside of our door. I wish there was an easier way to do these things, to go through these experiences knowing that there will be a hole there. The only way to do it is just that, to do it, but I have to brace myself pretty hard and be ready for tears and for feeling, for the hundredth time, like the wind was knocked out me. I know that I have to do these things and it will only get better (or different or just less painful) if I continue to do them and not just curl up in a ball and wish it all away (which is an occasional temptation but not a realistic decision considering my personality type). At any rate, one down, one hundred million to go...or something like that.

La Luz and James provided a good distraction, especially James who happened to have a somewhat fussy weekend. I think the rice cereal is interfering with his usually efficient digestive system. He managed a little fun though - cracking up as we entertained him with ridiculous baby babble and facial contortions that would've frightened any onlookers - and enjoyed some nice strolls with mom-mom.

I am not particularly well-rested after the weekend but I feel a little bit, just the tiniest, eensiest bit, more at ease.

Here are some shots from the weekend. I played around with the zoom lens a bit. I need to use it more often. The picture clarity smokes the kit lens.

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Robincita said...

Julie, so sorry to hear about your dad. Our thoughts are with you.