Sunday, November 13, 2011

Our Weekend

It was another beautiful and busy NOLA weekend and it went by way too fast.  We celebrated a friend's birthday on Friday night at Superior Grill, which was tons of fun, but left my purse smelling like a gigantic burrito...two days later and it still STINKS.  Do any of you have suggestions for how to get rid of that total taco tattoo that you get in certain Mexican restaurants? Superior, although delicious, tends to be particularly offensive in that respect.

After James' R.E.A.D. class Christian and I took the kids to the Blues Festival down the street.  The kids had a fabulous time playing in the many inflatables that were set up and listening to the various bands.  Christian and I enjoyed all of the different food.  I had the most delicious french fries ever (yeah, although I really do not eat fried food as a rule because it makes me feel lousy, I make the very occasional exception for super-awesome fries, shrimp po-boys about 2 times a year, and a fried oyster here and there).  The fries were garlic, parmesan flavor and came with 2 different sauces.  I could have eaten the entire container (they are served in nifty 'Chinese takeout' style containers).  The kids had crepes from Crepes A La Carte (one bacon and cheddar, one banana and nutella); they were delicious.  And Christian finally had a beef skewer from the Brazilian bbq truck.  We went back later that night for more music and food.  I had a 1/2 grill cheese from The Big Cheesy and it was delish (but I haven't really met a grilled cheese I didn't like), we shared a variety of empanadas from the Empanada Inifada truck (beans and platanos, chicken and beef).  I will never find one in the states as good as the ones I ate in Bs As, but these were tasty.  We also sampled a side dish of mac and cheese (this was Jamesy's dinner but he didn't mind sharing a few bites) and the Yakamen soup made and served by the lady featured on Bourdain's last Louisiana, it was super-salty but delicious and perfect for a cold night (and probably a hangover too). In addition to the food and music there were local vendors set up, nothing too elaborate, just a nice street festival for a good cause.  The money earned supports Cops 2, a program that provides extra money for the 2nd District NOLA police.  

At some point during the day on Saturday Christian watched the UGA game and James and I took Luz to her friend Maggie's house in River Ridge for her first sleep over! She did not miss us in the least (well, briefly this morning while she was at mass with her friend) and loved every minute of it.  I am happy that it went well and that I did not have to pick up a teary 6 year-old at midnight, but I think this is just another sign that she is really growing up.  James enjoyed a quiet night with 100% of our attention.  We watched Cars 2 and he loved every minute of it.  He lined all of his "Cars" cars up on the coffee table to "watch with us".  I wish I had taken a picture.

Today was spent cleaning and organizing, running errands and (sort of) watching the Saints game.  Here is a pic of Jamesy in his is almost too small...I hope it makes it through this season.  He is outgrowing everything these days, pants I bought 2 months ago are too short...he is growing and growing and growing and not at all a baby anymore:


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Kitty Brown said...

What a busy weekend! So excited that there's only one more weekend until we are there to make it every busier!