Monday, April 01, 2013

Happy Easter

I still have trouble adjusting to the idea that Easter is just a weekend these days and that Holy Thursday and Good Friday are special, particularly for Catholics, but business as usual for most of the rest of the country.  I suppose it was the 14 years I spent in Catholic school, enjoying a Spring Break that aligned perfectly with Easter that has set me up for disappointment each year when Holy Week rolls around.  So, while Christian and the kids were lounging around in pjs, watching cartoons and enjoying some incredibly beautiful weather, I was working.  But, I enjoyed a peaceful Saturday and Sunday in the country, visiting with family, eating crawfish, and relaxing.  The only stressful moment came when I realized that the Paas egg dye stained...what, you say...seriously, James' hands are still green hued.

The kiddos, with sweet baby Walker, getting ready to hunt for eggs:

Lucy and James enjoyed a few rides on the newest addition, Buster:

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Grandma said...

omg, they are so dang cute!!! I miss them so much!!