Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Proteus Progression Shots

La Luz with her fish, 4 years in a row:

Photo credit goes to Christian this year as I was otherwise occupied with baby James. Despite being a mere 6 weeks old, James was a trooper and braved quite a few parades curled up close to me in the Bjorn. He slept most of the time but seemed to enjoy what he saw and heard for the few minutes that he was awake. La Luz, on the other hand, did not miss a beat. While I was inside with James doing whatever it is moms and newborns do (sleeping, eating, changing diapers, watching bad tv), Christian and La Luz were at the parades...all of them. I don't think they missed a single parade (except the truck floats) and probably only missed a handful of floats. Pretty much every day ended something like this:

Here we are, all 4 of us together at Rex earlier today. I realize that I have James covered much like Michael Jackson's kids but the sun was bright and he seemed to prefer being covered, I promise.

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