Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Figuring It All Out

James is finally starting to develop a bit of a personality. If he is in a good mood he will smile and attempt to mimic certain sounds I make. If he is in a bad mood he will cry. He tends to be in bad moods when he is alone with me. Whenever other people are around he is on his best behavior and people cannot imagine what I am complaining about when I say that we are having a difficult day.

Here is a picture of him that I took this afternoon upon his discovery of the little stuffed animals hanging from the pack and play. I guess the world is starting to come into focus for him and it is all very exciting:

In other news, La Luz got a haircut last week and it is absolutely adorable. She is totally enjoying her new baby brother and, though she is a bit whinier than normal and has started to beg to an annoying degree, she is adjusting quite nicely.


Anonymous said...

In the second pic look at James looking at Lucy. The pics are awesome and I miss you all so much.
Can't wait to see you all again

NolaMom said...

He looks just like La Luz!