Sunday, April 05, 2009

All Talk

We had a great weekend and I promise to let you know what has been going on around here soon. I just need to find about 45 minutes of free time and a little energy. Maybe that will happen some time in 2010. In the meantime, here is a quick video of James babbling to Christian. He has plenty of stories to tell. In addition to the storytelling, James is now laughing these incredible, hearty, from-the-gut laughs. I promise we will capture it eventually for those of you who are far away and miss that lovely sound.

James, Chatterbox from Julie Vaicius on Vimeo.


Mary Cox said...

i think he is saying, i miss you Mary Cox come and see me soon! Am i right?

Scarlet said...

Totally presh - I loved going jogging with Master James!

Anonymous said...

Oh Julie, Thank you so much. I can hear his vocals are a lil higher now and longer. talk later
love to you all

Melanie said...

Oh my what a cutie!!