Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 2009, White Plantation

It was a skeleton crew out at White Plantation to celebrate Easter this past weekend so I found myself feeling incredibly nostalgic and missing Josh and Molly and the cousins. We are usually a big group, but this year we fit neatly at two picnic tables for Good Friday crawfish and at one big table for Easter brunch. Even with so many missing it was still a lovely weekend.
The weather was perfect on Friday and Saturday so we spent as much time as possible outside wandering around and hanging out on the porch. James took a few very long naps on the porch listening to the sounds of the farm that used to sedate La Luz when she was a little baby and we lived out there after the hurricane. La Luz particularly enjoyed testing out the tractor and driving around in the golf cart. She also had fun playing t-ball and trying to figure out how to juggle after watching Richmond. I tried to explain to her that until she can actually throw and catch just one ball at a time, juggling isn't going to happen. We set up an early-morning Easter egg hunt in an attempt to beat some supposedly terrible weather that never really arrived. Other than some pretty intense wind and ominous looking clouds, the weather wasn't really all that bad today - not the sunny kind of Easter Sunday you imagine - but not terrible either.

James, having a laugh:

La Luz, Easter Sunday:

Dyed eggs & fingers:

On the John Deere:

I actually feel well-rested going into the work week. I didn't sleep late or even manage any naps but I had tons of help with James and La Luz and the extra sets of hands come in handy. I read about 8 magazines, had time for 2 (somewhat short) runs, dyed Easter eggs, sorted all of the clothes (and put them away), and even got through some work (ok, mostly administrative stuff, but still). I was much more productive than I had anticipated so I am not feeling completely frazzled going into the work week. Christian and La Luz have three more days of holidays so I know when I am up and getting dressed tomorrow morning and they are lounging around on the sofa with James it is going to break my heart to walk out of the door.

Us, Easter Sunday, how long does it take to get a decent family picture:


Neila said...

Andrew is 19 months, I am still trying for a decent family picture.

lindavaicius said...

Julie, I like that family photo. I can't believe how fast the kids are growing, Everyone looks great!

Love and miss you all,