Sunday, October 24, 2010


We capped off an incredibly busy weekend with a bbq at a NOLA. Not an urban farm (I have heard about these places, folks living in the heart of the city raising hens-that sort of thing), but an honest to goodness farm - 3 acres of grass, horses, chickens, cicadas and unobstruced sunsets all within the city limits. It was something to see (and find).

Before that, though, we spent our morning in the French Quarter with Katie and Mary Cox (who was in town just for the weekend), strolling aound the market, selecting pumpkins and, of course, enjoying some beignets. I didn't quite get the photos I was hoping for - both kids were somewhat less than cooperative and James was particularly tough to wrangle today. I guess that is just the way it goes sometimes. I was grateful for the extra sets of hands because the outing would have been tricky without the help.

Us, entering the market:

Picking the perfect pumpkin:

Luz, pumpkin patch:

Luz and James:

The girls:

Luz, finishing an entire order of beignets. I have never even tried to eat that many.


catherine said...

precious and amazing! but i totally want to hear about the farm... xoxo

TOITA said...

and the farm??? i want to see pics of that!!
miss you guys!!!