Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mardi Gras 2011 - Part 2

We were lucky enough to have Nana, Papa-T, Aunt Ruthie, and her sweet friend, Barbara join us for the second weekend of MG parades and festivities. They stayed at a bed and breakfast just a few blocks away and had no trouble getting to and from our house on foot for parades. They managed to pack in a ton of activities while they were here. They did not miss any parades, made it to the French Quarter a few times, and still managed to have enough energy to keep up with the kids. It was great to have them around and, honestly, I don't quite know how I would have managed the Thursday night parades without their help since Christian was riding.

Here are a few of the highlights:

The start of Chaos...love the demon/monster heads flanking the float. It is a sub-par picture because my camera was totally uncooperative when I took night photos. I still have not figured out what the deal is:

Nana, Ruthie & Barbara, parading:

Aunt Ruthie & Barbara were interviewed for the WDSU 10 p.m. broadcast that night; they were famous:

Incidentally, that news person did a number of 'stories' MG week from the back of Lucy's original, yellow MG ladder, this one:

It is hard to mistake! Oh, and don't be fooled by the white sweater, she was in a lovely pink, taffeta number that day, it was just a little chilly in the morning.

Papa, not looking too psyched to be up on the ladder again. Check out Luz...Thursday night was the white with gold lame ball gown...such a statement and yet she looked so natural, so comfortable, so matter-of-fact in it all night:

C, Thursday night, looking for Nana, Aunt Ruthie, and Barbara...tacky MG boas ready to go:

Here is Richmond, about to unload some cups (incidentally, maybe I have lost my touch, but I seem to have caught substantially fewer cups this year...wonder if less were thrown):

Another Thursday night float - entertaining satire:

More to come...


Kitty Brown said...

Love it. Can't wait for more pictures!!

Ryan Waldron said...

I must say, Chaos is, without a doubt, my favorite parade. The organization has truly mastered satire, and the parade perfectly fills a hole that was disappointingly empty for a decade.