Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mardi Gras 2011 - Part 3

Thoth Sunday is always the highlight of Mardi Gras for me. After an absolute washout on Saturday for Iris that left us trudging through calf-deep flood waters, the beautiful sunny Sunday was a welcome treat. The crowds were horrendous because the rain on Saturday resulted in the relocation of Endymion from the usual Mid-City route to the Uptown route following Bacchus. The shift is always a total bummer for everyone involved - Endymion in Mid-City is a huge tradition (not one I have ever really participated in, but an important one for Mid-City folks) and adding another parade, especially one with a fan base like Endymion, to Sunday makes for a logistical challenge and an exhausting day.

I know...complaining about a day of parades sounds silly but there is something to be said for simplicity and restraint. In my opinion, there is some merit to the idea that we should return to the old days of one parade a day and one or two stuffed animals per parade.

We took it all in stride, paced ourselves, made friends with territorial parade-goers who roped off large portions of the neutral ground making it almost impossible to get kids to and from the ladders, and most of us made it to and through all of the parades...most of us.

The highlight of the day/night was not even the parades - though Bacchus and Endymion were beautiful to watch - so perfectly bright and big and entertaining - but hanging out with family and friends who made a special trip just for the occasion. We loved meeting new babies out and about for their MG debuts and catching up with old friends and family members we do not see often.

A few other highlights from our week were the annual ASH Krewe of Smocks (despite the relocation to the gym because of the rain), Friday po-boy lunch with the family, and Proteus and Orpheus Lundi Gras night (two beautiful parades - in two totally different styles - old and new).

Mama on the ladder...up there just to catch one of my friends in Thoth...snagged my favorite catch of the year...a set of Saints bobble-heads which were shared with friends and family before I could snap a pic. On Sunday Lucy started out in purple play clothes but it only lasted an hour - she ultimately settled on her go-to pink gown:

Barbara and Auntie Ruthie...boas:

Betsy with my sweetheart - world's best baby ever - goddaughter, Eliza:

Lu and Edward...his first MG...and I think he is hooked...and yes, she is in costume:

Lundi Gras morning...this is how tired everyone was...unfortunately some of us had to wake up and go to work:

Lu with Emma, waiting for Proteus to start...note modified Snow White costume in this shot:

Celebrating Papa-T's birthday...this one is in here to show you yet another costume...this time with a feeble and frightening attempt at makeup as well. Gag.

Mama and Superman, waiting for Rex:

MG day meltdown...Superman had enough:

Headed home after Rex...I get the feeling next year we will not be able to avoid the truck parade:


ummmhello said...

Looks like a great time had by all! Every year, I swear I'm going down for MG, since I've never been there at that time. And every year, something else comes up and stops me :(
So I claim now, NOLA 2012!

The Gimlet Eye said...

There is not a cuter pic than the last!!