Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Mardi Gras NOLA

We are wrapping up about two weeks of parades, parties, missed naps and hangovers of all types. Sleep has been scarce, peace and quite no where to be found...but the ballerina fairy princess and Superman enjoyed every minute of the fun and were thrilled to share it all with family and friends.

I will tell you all about it soon but in the meantime I am knee deep in beads, empty beer cans and a house rather in need of cleaning. Until then, I leave you with a pic of the dynamic duo on our walk home after our last parade of the season:

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The Gimlet Eye said...

Thank you for having us on Sunday. As always, a BLAST! Loved every minute of being in public, catching up with old and new friends, and enjoying some biscuits and granola! Already ready for next year! :)