Monday, February 28, 2011

Boy & Globe

For the past week or so James has been having some sleeping issues. He is starting to be scared of "monsters" (I blame that on too much Scooby Doo watching in the afternoons with Luz) and is generally incredibly clingy at night. He is not thrilled about getting into the crib, once in the crib he likes to climb out, and he always prefers to have one of us in the room with him. Christian and I both cave too often. We are tired and he is our baby and it is easier to fall asleep by his side than it is to listen to crying and wince at the thought of him climbing out of the crib.

So on Saturday afternoon, when we were all very tired after a morning of parading, and the band playing around the block kept me from actually falling asleep, I rested and James snoozed and the afternoon sunlight was just perfect and I saw this:

and had to share it.

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PaigeE said...

So picturesque! He's a handsome boy.