Thursday, February 10, 2011

We're Still Having Fun

At some point on Saturday night/evening Christian and I can celebrate 16 years of life...together. It was on February 12th, 16 years ago, that we had our first date and I had my first sneaking suspicion that I should probably get used to the person I was watching a movie with because it was going to be something we would do hundreds of times together. My intuition was right.

I am not good with numbers and dates and days and months and years, I only know this because it is scribbled away in the corner of Saturday's block on the motherboard, the calendar that keeps track of our lives, tucked underneath soccer practice and quiz bowl finals, a little reminder about the butterflies in my stomach and the wonder of what lies ahead.

It has been a challenging parenting/working mom week for me and I say this knowing that it is all rather relative...being up at 3 am with a fevery toddler is tough, especially when you have to put in 10 hours of work the next day, but I realize I need to treasure the opportunity to rock James for hours on end when he does not protest my hugs and kisses and be thankful, incredibly thankful, that this is what is tough for me right now.

So, what do we have planned for Saturday night...something wild and romantic you say? I have my sights set on an a big bowl of pasta and whatever is waiting for us on Netflix. I am, after all, planning to run 13.1 miles the next morning. The celebration and the romance will have to be penciled in on the motherboard at a later date.

So, here we are, not quite 16 years ago, this one was taken circa '97, I think, and I know there is just so much to say about it but, c'mon, it was YEARS ago...


Ryan Waldron said...

Congrats on the time y'all have been together.

Kitty Brown said...

Love it. Love you guys. Good luck on Sunday!