Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Luz, Fashion Show

Luz is turning into this really entertaining kid that is nothing like the type of kid I was and I am sort of just watching...wondering where it comes from. She has always been very shy so I am sort of surprised to see some of the things she is doing - packing books that she wants to read to her class, practicing which sorts of questions to ask them about the story and how to best angle the pages so everyone can see; asking to call her friends on the phone; and putting on these crazy plays and concerts and fashion shows when people come over, among other things. Sure, 33.3% of the time the attempts fizzle out and she remembers that people are actually looking at her and, god forbid, engaged...but every now and then it comes together and a quiet morning with a babysitter turns into a very elaborate display:

Channeling her inner Aunt Susan, hairstylist Luz:

An old standby, Dorthy Luz:

A nod to her ancestor, Pocahantas Luz:

My personal fav, pirate Luz, Ahoy:

and, the piece de la resistance, Mater Luz:

Note the incredible attention to detail. She just told me that she wants to dress up as a rockstar for Mardi Gras. Hm, think I need to get the stylist back over here to put that 'look' together.


KAB said...

This is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen!

Love, Love, LOVE the Mater version!

SO cute!

kelsea said...

Mater is the greatest costume ever. She has everything down perfectly---including hand placement! Only 12 more years until she can be the "real" Mater in the Tableau....

John said...

All of them are suited to her, she was so cute.

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