Sunday, February 20, 2011


I am still sort of scratching my head in amazement, wondering just how it happened that everything, well, most everything, worked out this week. I knew it would be an incredibly busy week for me with a client in town, multiple mediations, and a couple of huge deadlines to meet, but I had no idea Luz would get sick and then so would Christian and that he would be non-functioning for 4 days until, finally, a Z-pack kicked in....Needless to say, things were crazier than usual, but I made it through the week healthy and we lucked out with a gorgeous weekend and no commitments (other than a small family reunion of sorts - I will fill you in on that soon). We spent most of it outside when it was daylight and took advantage of the incredibly warm temps to open every window and do some serious Spring cleaning. It feels much nicer and a ton cleaner around here.

Luz and James loved being outside. We hung out with neighbors, walked to the park about 10 times and checked out the new Italian ice store that opened around the block (it is excellent, incidentally, and they sell these delicious, cinnamony donuts which smell incredible and are tough to resist).

We busted out flip flops, played hopscotch and corn-hole, and enjoyed the fresh air. It was perfect.

Jamesy, first flip-flop feet:

Congratulatory hugs:

Hopscotch - yet another one of those really interesting things - James has been able to jump for about a year now - it took Luz until she was 3 to be able to do it - at least I think she can do it - better check:


Kitty Brown said...

Love those sweet feet. Glad you enjoyed some beautiful weather in NOLA, too.

Ryan Waldron said...

Italian Ice? Where? Because my lovely wife can't have ice cream she loves Italian ice, and I'm sure she would love to hear we have a place in the neighborhood.