Sunday, April 10, 2011


After a mostly mellow weekend involving soccer, a trip to Urban Angels Salon for the boys, a delicious dinner at Baru, and a couple of rather warm morning runs, we spent the better part of the day in the stifling heat at the ASH Conge. To my horror, Luz discovered confetti eggs this year. They have to be the most disgusting and germy idea ever. She was a whiz at the kiddie games and even reclaimed a couple of stuffed animals we probably donated trying her luck on the spinning wheel. There is nothing like taking home an over-sized and somewhat soiled Cookie Monster and filthy, webkinz fox when there are already hundreds of stuffed animals that never get played with crammed into cabinets and bins...oh well...the the thrill was in the victory, I suppose.

We had a great time, even in the heat, and are now trying to clean up (do you know how tough it is to get rid of confetti...I think I will be finding this stuff for weeks and I have new respect for my mom who probably had to pick it out of four heads at a time when we were young...not a task I enjoyed). I am home and do not anticipate an travelling, at least for a little while. I have been incredibly busy and, so, am looking forward to enjoying a better balance over the next few weeks...wish me luck.

Luz and James, "new" (old) stuffed animals in hand...and, yes, James got a haircut this was time...more on that later:

Confetti eggs...empty, possibly salmonela-ridden shells, baking out in the heat, waiting to be cracked in HAIR...nasty:

Face paint, because no fair experience is complete without it, right:


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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear about James haircut, it makes him look like a big boy now.....They look like they were enjoying themselves.

Scarlet said...

My kids go STRAIGHT for the confetti eggs - that and the marshmallow "spit" guns, which are probably the second grossest idea on the planet. I miss you!