Sunday, April 03, 2011

Intergalactic Cooking

Christian and I could barely contain our laughter when this little library selection made its second (or maybe even third) appearance in Luz's book bag after library last week:

There is no question that there is plenty of love for Star Wars around here. Christian buys SW sheets and p.j.s and figures and books and movies and whatever else he can find and - thanks to Aunt Kate - we have a complete Star Wars pancake making set - so it makes sense that Luz, in an effort to please Christian, selected this book during library. Once, it makes sense, more than that is just a tad strange. She has, on average, one visit to the library a week, which does not leave much time for the endless rows of beautiful books just waiting to come home with her...glossy pages filled with tales of princesses and ballerinas, but yet all we have seen around here, with the exception of a lovely ballerina/fairy book last week, are multiple volumes from a "How To" set of proper pet care that looks something like this:

(truly, we have read about all types of dogs and cats, rodents and rabbits and even amphibians)and then the cookbook. I just don't get it but am, needless to say, entertained by her choices.

In an effort to show my appreciation for her excitement about the cookbook, we spent some time reading through it and selecting a recipe to cook. We agreed on popcorn balls, which, in retrospect, was a terrible idea. I somehow got the recipe wrong and it totally did not work. Round two was this afternoon and we decided to make a variation of Jawa Smoothies. Luz did not really like them but they were well-received by Christian and James. And, at least tasted how I imagine they are supposed to taste, unlike the popcorn balls which we could not even get to stick together.

Here is a pic of Luz and James earlier today, ready to cook:

We had a great weekend. The weather was warm and sunny so we spent most of it outside. We went to the Freret Street Fair on Saturday followed by the Fete Francais and ended the weekend at the City Park playground before dinner at mom-moms. I do not think we caught up on any much-needed rest or the list of chores around the house, but it would have been a shame to waste such beautiful weather inside tackling a to-do list. We can save that for a rainy day.

Luz and James at the Freret Street Fair...fresh squeezed, sugary lemonade:

Taking turns testing out Uncle Richmond's bike while we waited for C to get back with a Cuban sandwich:


Kitty Brown said...

Ok, I'm cracking up that that cookbook even exists! Sweet Lucy. Miss you guys!

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