Sunday, April 17, 2011

Our Weekend

For the first time in ages it is Sunday evening and I do not feel completely wiped-out. We had a busy weekend but there were plenty of peaceful moments and adequate time to catch my breath. I did not accomplish much of the important things I set out to do but I not feeling panicky about it...not yet.

I think part of the reason why I feel more relaxed is that I decided to take half of the day off on Friday to attend the ASH Alumni Baby Party with James and Luz's Easter Egg Hunt...sadly, the last Easter egg hunt I will have to go to for her class.

So, Friday started like this with James at the baby party hunting for eggs:

and then Luz and her classmates hunting for eggs in the front yard of the "old"/Rosary campus

On Saturday Luz played her last soccer game of the season and I was happy to see that, although she never scored the elusive goal, she had a great game, was enthusiastic the entire time, and seemed to enjoy every minute of it.

James, patiently waiting for the game to end when he would much prefer watching the boats and trains:

Sunday was a quiet day, after a somewhat challenging Palm Sunday mass, Luz and James and I went to Mimi's for a post-mass lunch and play date with their cousins Edward and Helen. The kids loved spending time together and the weather was perfect...unseasonably cool for NOLA.

I took this picture with my phone and cannot figure out how to enlarge it...I apologize for the size:

We are all ready for spring break and are looking forward to some serious r and r next weekend...oh yeah, and a visit from the Easter bunny.

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