Sunday, April 22, 2012

Easter 2012 - Part II

I have more Easter pictures to share and I wish I could have done it last week but, once again, the days just got away from me (I became obsessed with reading The Hunger Games, starting watching Downtown Abbey, discovered that I had to wash all of the curtains in our house, and decided that I should  enjoy every minute of the MOST beautiful spring weather ever today).  Needless to say, here I am again on a Sunday night, facing yet another very busy (and fun) week.   I have a mid-week trip to Birmingham for work, but I am staying an extra night to visit with my favorite B'hamians and enjoy some cuddle time with my favorite two-year old twins!

So, here are a few more pics from our Easter weekend in Thibodaux:

My sweet godchild, Eliza, covered in Oreos:

Luz, James, and Christian planting mom-mom's cassia tree:

Jamesy, still riding his teeny-tiny 4 wheeler:

 Hunting eggs:

 James, playing with Luz's gardening kit:

Christian, getting ready to be annihilated by me on the mini-ping pong table that Pop built.  I am certain Pop put some magic into that construction because I rule (I have not lost a game in a decade):

I have one more batch of pics to post and I will do it soon, assuming I can tear myself away from The Hunger Games and Downtown Abbey.

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