Monday, April 02, 2012

Fresh New Look

Just in time for Spring...the most glorious, pastel-colored house on the block:

I smile every time I pull up to the house and I am anxious just imagining that in a year there will be a coat of dirt on the facade.  I want it to say beautiful and clean and perfect forever.

Remember, just a few weeks ago it looked something like this:

And now...

The new look is the result of the very hard work of Dali and his team.  It took a LONG time, but I appreciate why.  The guys would not paint when rain was near, had occurred recently, or the air was too damp.  It sounds a bit over-the-top but a little lesson in patience is always a good thing for me and a proper paint job is worth the wait.  Dali and his employees were always professional, neat, thorough, kind, receptive to suggestions and patient with my waffling over color and style.  They came highly recommended and we ended up picking them after considering a handful of similarly-priced estimates.  If you are in the market for house painting and have any questions, please email me and I will tell you all about what I have learned during this process.  I will also tell you not to bother with other estimates and to go straight to Dali and I guarantee you will be happy.


Anonymous said...

Julie it looks beautiful. Enjoy! You had to wait a long time but was worth it..Love Nana

Kitty Brown said...

OH WOW! It looks awesome. Can't wait to see it in person very soon.