Friday, June 15, 2012

7 Years

Luz turns 7 next Tuesday and I really cannot believe it and do not even know what to say other than, "wow, how did thaaaaat just happen...did you see years just passed, count them - 1, 2, 3...yeah, I know, it happened right in front of my eyes, while I was paying attention and everything."  My celebration is a little early but I am leaving town and sort of on vacation and blogging will be even trickier than usual and for once it feels nice to do something ahead of time.

Lucy always asks me to play the little photo/video I put together earlier this year when James turned 3.  She has a great appreciation for history and a mind that relishes the details.  I knew I needed to do the same thing for her, but the task was daunting - 4 different cameras, three different computers, seven years of photographs, countless memories - where does one begin...I took a stab at it and, let me tell you, unless you went to school for this sort of thing or had some sort of training or lots and lots and lots of free time, it is hot and sweaty work.  Consequently, the end result is not exactly what I had in mind and does not come close to capturing the joy and wonder of the last 7 years, but I did the best that I could with a limited skill set.  The result is not unlike most endeavors in my life (much like anyone that is spread a little too thin) very B+, but it makes me smile and at the end of the day it is for Lucy anyway, just to be sure that she can see everything that I got to see over the last 7 years and maybe one day understand this incredible, bottomless pit of love in the heart of a mother.

Here's to you Luz...on your 7th birthday:


Cathie said...

Happy Birthday to dear Lucy, angel granddaughter, whose light continues to so beautifully color my world. Bless the day you were born!!

with hugs and kisses and a heart full of love.

Kitty Brown said...

The "snowing in New Orleans" part is my favorite. What a beautiful tribute to one of our very favorites - we love you, Lucy!

Anonymous said...

So cute! Good job! And happy birfday to Lucy!!

Scarlet said...

Maddie and I just watched this and it's wonderful! Um, but you could have warned us that there were pics of Pop and Loki. :D Love you - please prepare my babies for many hugs and kisses when I arrive on July 9!!

qingblog said...
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