Sunday, June 03, 2012

Taking A Breath

A friend of mine lost her 21 month old daughter last week due to an awful set of circumstances that could happen to any child.  It is breaking my heart into a million tiny pieces, as if I needed another reminder about how none of this is within our control and that it is okay, inevitable even, to love deeply, but with that comes immense, crushing day.  It is enough to make me not want to get out of bed, to roll into a ball and shut it all out; this is nothing new.

I do not do any of that though, of course not.  I am a human.  We are made to be resilient.  We can do the stiff upper lip thing.  We can redirect and remember that what we have is precious and that we have to love big and with all of our heart every single day.  I just hate that these reminders come at a very big price.

...loving every single bit of these two...and hopefully teaching them to do the same:

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