Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Missing Pop

He was the best.  He loved sports, a hard day's work, a good steak, a cold beer, hugs, books, oldies, celebrations, dogs, yard work, UVA, his family, and quiet nights in his den with some fiction, a good t.v. show and the buzz of his life all around him.

It sounds like a cliche.  It is a cliche, but I miss him every single day of my life and I cannot comprehend why it has to be that my kids' memories of their grandfather will be made mostly through stories and photographs and imagination.

Luz, Pop and Chlo-zee-bee (probably circa 2007), making a memory:


Charlotte Banos said...

Awwww Julie, this is such a sweet picture. xo

Catherine said...

Not even aware that it was 3 years yesterday, I thought about him all day yesterday. Love to you

M C Brown said...

love you! and of course miss him too... everyday.