Sunday, May 27, 2012

Parenting Firsts

The last few weeks have presented a few parenting challenges.  It is all relative; I know that.  I have two healthy kids and try to be mindful of that blessing every morning when I wake up and then again every hour of every day.

But even in this place of bliss there are moments...I heard horror stories about potty training and then experienced them once or twice.  I remember frightening tales about the dangers of co-sleeping and recall a few nights falling asleep in the rocker, the baby barely hanging off of my lap.  I grew wide-eyed at tales of explosive diapers on airplanes and experienced it for myself when Luz and I took our first plane ride together right after Hurricane Katrina.

There were a few other things I heard about but, fortunately, never experienced...until I had two almost back to back (incidentally, it happened right after breaking a mirror - Luz's brand-new extra-special birthday present mirror).

The first happened on a drive home from Metairie last weekend.  James suddenly became feverish, uncomfortable, and incredible whiny...moments later he vomited all over himself, his car seat, and whatever else was within a few feet of his mouth.  Cleaning a convertible car seat with a five point harness is as nightmarish as I expected it to be after the descriptions I had heard.  In fact, it was so awful that we picked that day to fully convert James to a booster seat and trash the old convertible.  I suppose I am lucky that it took almost 7 years of parenting to experience that loveliness.

The second bit of awesomeness occurred on Friday night at the ballpark when we discovered that lice had somehow made its way into Luz's dugout.  Oh yeah.  LICE.  Luz was spared, so was Christian, James and I were not so lucky.  What followed was a miserable night of washing and drying and cleaning and freaking out...until...we made the decision to call the "nit picker".  Yes, there is such a thing.  There is this incredible lady who lives in New Orleans and moonlights as a nit picker.  Yes, there is a premium involved but have you seen my hair? Have you tried to keep a 3 year old still long enough to delouse him? It was worth every single penny we spent.  She is lovely and efficient and totally Mary Poppins and Winston Wolf all wrapped up into one.  So, if you find yourself similarly situated, don't hesitate to contact her at  You will not regret it.

After delousing until midnight, we were ready for 48 hours away from the house and headed to the country with mom-mom for some much needed r and r over the holiday weekend.


Neila said...

I fear the day that lice invades our homes and heads. I know it's going to happen one day!

We've done the car puke thing many many times!

Kitty Brown said...

Oh my -- that's a rough week. Glad you had a weekend away to recouperate.

Neila said...

It happened, we have lice. Camille and Andrew for sure, possibly me and Ollie, but I can't tell. The nitpicker travels! She's due at our house at 6pm! So glad I read this!!!