Monday, May 07, 2012

It Happens All At Once

I am the mother of an almost 7 year-old.  I watch The Voice, but you knew that already.  Actually, I record it and then watch it.  I am listening to the pop music countdown on 97.1 on Sundays for the first time in decades.  The last specific memory I have of listening to the weekend top 40 (it happened often when we were little because my mom has always loved music of all kinds) was in the parking lot of an A&P grocery store at one point in time when the song, King of Pain by The Police, was #1 in the charts (if I was a little more energetic I would do some quick research and pinpoint the time to a particular year but I know you don't really care).

As if being an avid Top 40 listener was not enough, I also recently started reading this:

and LOVED it.  And I am now stuck on another popular trend:

But this does not really count, right?  What really scares me most is that I am sort of considering reading this book:

Someone stop me before I start wearing maxi dresses (I tried one; it looked terrible on me.  I am way too short).

Whoa, swallowed up in fabric, and that is Eva, one of the most gorgeous ever!