Monday, May 21, 2012

Goings On

The end of the school year always catches me off guard.  There are countless half-days and celebrations, parent involvement activities, fake birthdays, school birthdays, free dress days and countless other extravaganzas.  Those things, coupled with the start of the summer and the piecing together of camps and babysitters and trips here and there, is enough to make my head spin.  I am trying to stay organized but I am not sure I am doing a great job...but I have managed a few pictures so that I can remember it all in a few weeks when everything is distant blur.

Luz, representing her class in the annual May Crowning celebration...made me smile:


New Orleans Day at ASH:

7th Birthday Celebration #1 at Airline Skate with her classmates:

At the Spring Recital...introducing her song, Windsong:

With GG and James, celebrating:

At the Brownie "bridging" ceremony:

I think that about wraps things least for now!

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Kitty Brown said...

May is the new December. Proud of Lucy!!