Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Movies

It has been a busy summer, but we managed to fit in a few movies over the past couple of weeks and Luz and James recently weighed in on their favorites.

James picked Madagascar 3 as his front runner - something about the gigantic bear on the trike and then the Ducati and a little ditty that he cannot get out of his head called Afro Circus.  The Madagascar foursome is up to its usual madcap adventures and the penguins are there at every twist and turn. Much like the other two Madagascar movies, it does not disappoint.  It is a nice, entertaining, and cool 1.5 hours of fun for you and your family, so check it out.

Luz picked Brave as her front runner and I cannot blame her, what is not to love about an independent, stubborn young girl who rides horses and shoots a bow and arrow. The animation is incredible (it is the first time Pixar has used a new animation technology and there are parts of the movie that are so vivid the animation looks real).  The story is a slight departure from the normal Disney cartoon fare in that there is no prince charming.  The only love story is one between a mother and her daughter, one I think every daughter and every mother will relate to.

As between Madagascar 3 and Brave, Brave wins in my book, but I also have to consider Hunger Games (which I LOVED, I really did, and not just because Lenny Kravitz is in the movie - although that was a big selling point) and What to Expect When You are Expecting (which was awful - but, yeah, I knew what I was getting into).  And I also have to consider the ones I have not yet seen but will  catch on the big screen - Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom is going to blow me away - I can feel it already when I watch the trailer - I don't know what it is that he does but when I watch his movies I feel like I have been gingerly dropped right smack dab in the middle of some incredible storybook and there is this awesomeness all around me.  Oh, and one more little treat...plans are already in the works to see this little gem next week and it just might blow all of the other contenders out of the water:


Kitty Brown said...

Magic Mike?! Why oh why don't we live in the same city?!

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