Monday, July 02, 2012

Summer Travels

I finally had a chance to download the pictures from the past few weeks and will post a few.  The kids spent two weeks in Atlanta in June and had a great time. The highlight of the trip was spending time with Nana and Papa-T and with their cousins, Liam and Pete.  They are ready for another trip to Atlanta.  Unfortunately, that will not likely happen again until Christmas.  We are, however, looking forward to a week together in Hummarock, MA.  Have you ever been there?  It is roughly right about here (dark reddish area):

and is a lovely, seaside town, complete with everything you would expect to find in a lovely, seaside town. It is one town over from Marshfield, MA where Christian was born and it is a place that I quickly fell in love with.  I was captivated the first time I visited years and years ago (maybe even before Christian and I were married; I am a terrible historian) and cannot wait for the kids to experience it.  I am looking forward to morning runs along the rock beach, lobster rolls and friend clams, cool nights, and days that turn into night while I am sitting comfortably in a lawn chair listening to the sounds of the shore and visiting with friends and family.

We are all looking forward to the trip.  I am particularly excited because it will be the first true vacation for me since our 2008 trip to Portland.  I am sure you will hear more about it than you care to hear soon enough.

And now, a few Atlanta pics...

The Birthday girl, turning 7:

Pete, warming up after a chilly swim:

James, finally found his sea legs this year:

Liam, not loving having his picture taken...looking for a split second like a teenager:

Singing Happy Birthday to Lucy:


Linda aka Grandma said...

Grandma & Papa vaicius want to know what happen to nana & papa-t's grandbabie's??? My they have grown up so fast! We can't wait to meet them and see all of you. Nice picture Julie, thay are so cute!

Kitty Brown said...

I LOVE the picture of James in the float - such a cutie. Can't wait for the vacation pictures!

Anonymous said...

i can't wait to meet lucy and my cousins.from delaney

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