Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Thanksgiving Photos 2012

I finally took a leap and agreed to upgrade the storage space (for a premium) in order to post photographs on the blog.  It was a long time coming, nothing in life is truly free, right.  So, after hemming and hawing for two weeks and throwing around the idea that maybe this was the perfect opportunity to retire the blog, I looked at these photographs from Thanksgiving weekend and decided they just begged to be shared.  And just like that, I made my decision.  Let's hope that 13 year-old Lucy agrees it was a good choice.

Princess Bluebird, post Thanksgiving lunch, ready for an adventure:

Chief Red Fox (yeah, I know, I did not pick the name), keeping guard, watching out for coyotes on our post-lunch hayride:


Grandma said...

Great Choice Julie! I need my weekly vaicius kids fix! I'm not going to say that 13 Lucy will like your decision but i do!

love & miss you all!!

Kitty Brown said...

Well, I'm glad you decided to stick with it, too. You may have helped me make my decision!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that you decided not to retire.....Can't get enough of these 2 lil blessings. Love Nana