Sunday, September 21, 2008

Much To Her Father's Dismay

When I encourage La Luz to wear the LSU Cheerleader uniform it makes Christian seethe. All along I thought it was because he despised seeing purple and gold as opposed to red and black. I have enough sense not to encourage her to wear it on the day UGA and LSU play each other, but I figured there's no harm in running around in an LSU cheerleader outfit on any given Saturday in the fall. Wrong. Apparently, my concerns were misplaced. It is not so much the colors and the team that offends Christian, it is the idea of a cheerleader in general. Maybe I can make up for it today by encouraging her to wear her Reggie Bush jersey.

For what it is worth, I love seeing her in the LSU uniform. Here are a few pictures of her at GGs house while we were there visiting with GG, Aunt Becky and Uncle George:

Smiling, sort of:

Playing with Loki the dalmatian under Grandad's desk:

Cozying up to GG on the sofa:


Scarlet said...

It would be un-American for a little girl NOT to wear purple and gold on game weekends! GEAUX TIGERS!!!!

Kitty Brown said...

Love the smile -- you can almost hear her saying "cheeeeeese"

Mary Cox said...

Well i was hoping to send her a little ORANGE auburn cheerleader outfit ( if we would have won last night) I knew she would wear it in a heart beat if it was orange.

Christian said...

No offense to any past cheerleaders.
Just Not In My Backyard.
Sorry Mary Cox that was a tough loss.