Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Evacuation Update

Christian, La Luz and I have been comfortable in Atlanta for the past few days. For the first couple of days of our evacuation we were edgy and anxiety-ridden. After watching the weather updates yesterday, we felt a little relieved and started to plan our return to NOLA. We have mixed feelings about this one. Christian thinks we should be allowed to return whenever we are ready, assuming power is restored to our house. I disagree, I understand why it is important to have a staggered return and to allow city officials an opportunity to check out the city before the influx of evacuees. Either way, we can't get back in until the mayor gives us a green light because there will be road blocks set up. I am not interested in challenging the authority of the NOPD or the National Guard or whoever is manning the posts.

I am more concerned about Thibodaux. We had initially planned to spend our Labor Day weekend in Thibodaux relaxing by the pool and enjoying some time in the country. I haven't been able to find any detailed information about the damage in that area. I only know that it was bad. I hope someone will be able to get to White Plantation soon to check it out and give us a report.

I have tons of pictures of La Luz hanging out with her cousins over the past few days but I forgot to bring my cable to post them (I am currently posting from an Atlanta Bread Company with free wireless internet). I will try to do that later. There is no wireless internet at Nana and Papa-T's and lots of competition for the computer now that the football draft started so I might not have a chance to post any until we get home.


Mary Cox said...

we have loved having your parents and wish we could catch a glimpse of you!!!! Tell Lucy we miss her!!!

Neila said...

I am so glad ya'll didn't come to BR. We almost went to Atlanta this morning. We are in Monroe until we figure out what to do next.

TOITA said...

Hey! glad to hear from you guys! I am also trying ti find any informaton on Thib.
Thanks for keeping up updated on you all

miss you all