Monday, September 29, 2008

What A Life I Lead In The Winded Breeze

The Fleet Foxes concert was great but I am paying for my late night today. It wasn't even all that late by rock concert standards, but considering that I am usually asleep by 10 on a Sunday night, it was late. They played most of their self-titled album and a few other songs I had not heard. I always appreciate a band that interacts with the crowd and engages in a bit of back and forth banter with the audience and these guys did not disappoint. The place was smoky, the crowd was too loud at times, and my feet ached, really ached, but it isn't just the extra pounds I am carrying around, everyone complained that the concrete floor was tough to contend with. Overall, though, it was worth the small inconveniences and being extra-sleepy today. It had been a long time since my last concert and I missed the energy of a live show.

Fortunately, my work day was cut a bit short today as I had an afternoon doctor's appointment. I picked the bug up from school early figuring I could spend some quality time with her as well. She enjoyed the trip to the doctor's office and hearing the baby's heartbeat. Everything seems to be progressing well, the time is just flying by. After my check-up next week I start going every 2 weeks and, before I know it, the baby will be here.

Now, for a bit of an update on the weekend...Nana and Papa-T flew into town on Friday afternoon and apparently had a great flight thanks to some incredible weather. We had dinner at Joey K's and gelato at La Divina where I had Creme Brulee, possibly the best gelato flavor I have ever had. On Saturday La Luz and I took Nana to the Arts Market at Palmer Park while Christian and Papa-T were busy doing a variety of chores around the house including installing the closet in the guest room/nursery (and it looks rather impressive). We had a great time wandering around and making crafts in the kids tent. On Saturday night we had my birthday celebration at mom-mom and pop's and were joined by GG, Richmond and Meenokshi. Dinner was delicious but the best part was, by far, the cake that mom made - from scratch with strawberries and cream cheese.

On Sunday morning we had a peaceful brunch at Bluebird and then dropped Nana and Papa-T off at the airport. La Luz spent the remainder of the day napping and moping around the house because she was already missing her grandparents, as usual.

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Kitty Brown said...

Glad you had such a full birthday weekend!