Thursday, August 28, 2008

Who Knows What Tomorrow Will Bring?

My little bug is a good traveler. She has been to Atlanta and back more times than I can count and she is only 3. Granted, she requires some distractions in the car - snacks, toys, dvds, etc, but I can't complain because she is generally happy in her car seat and usually falls asleep at some point. With the storm potentially threatening NOLA there is a good possibility we will be on the road to Atlanta in the next day or two. For La Luz, it is all an adventure; for me, a logistical nightmare, and for Christian, lots and lots of manual labor followed by hours behind the wheel, both of us dealing with knots in our stomaches and lumps in our throats. But, for now, it is just business as usual around here - burgers on the grill and milk shakes to use up some of what is in the freezer, followed by bubble baths and bedtime stories.

Here's La Luz, post bath, post milkshake, pre bedtime story:


Scarlet said...

It warms my heart to see bun-bun, and that she still loves him! I will likely think of nothing else but the Vaicius family, and all of my Louisiana family, over the next couple of days.

Mary Cox said...

Come through Birmingham and see us!!!!!!!

ummmhello said...

What an awful state to live in. I mean fear, not LA. I love LA. Maybe now's a good time to visit Chicago, see the sights, and avoid the hurricane?

Julie Vaicius said...

Thanks for the support!
We are really trying not to get too caught up in the frenzy. I am optimistic that things will be okay. The state and city are doing as much as they can way ahead of time (totally different from the Katrina situation).
I will keep you all posted on our adventure!

Stacey said...

I know you are probably already well on your way to Atlanta by now as I just heard LA was being evacuated. I am so sorry this is threatening you guys yet again and I will hope and pray for all of you for safety and a town to come back home to. Please keep safe and update us when you can. Lots of love coming your way.
Stacey, brian and the kids