Sunday, August 03, 2008

Saturday At NOMA

The weekend absolutely flew by, as usual. I had a client in town and was busy for the better part of it. We had a few free hours together Saturday morning and decided to check out the Botero exhibit at NOMA. I had no idea that the exhibit is free for all NOLA residents and was pleasantly surprised when we arrived. La Luz was totally freaked out by the statues and was not wild about most of the paintings. I can understand why Botero's over-sized images of bloated men and women in compromising positions might be a bit much for a 3 year-old, but she braved through it and was actually entertained occasionally. The highlight for her was the stroll through the sculpture garden afterwards. It was so incredibly hot that after just 30 minutes in the garden we were covered in sweat.

Here is La Luz as we were leaving the house:

Somehow I convinced her to let me put her hair in braids and I think she kind of liked it:

Outside of NOMA, already freaked out, trying to hide her face in Christian's neck...pretty much the same position she maintained for the entire exhibit:

Alright, a little intimidating, and not just to a 3 year-old:

Pictures in the sculpture garden:

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ummmhello said...

Nice!!! My kids are a bit scared of the Art Institute here, as well :)