Sunday, August 10, 2008

Weekend In The Country

We decided to spend the weekend in Thibodaux to visit with Betsy, Dan and Baby Edward who were in town from Dallas. Edward has gotten so big that I don't think we can call him "baby" Edward anymore. Here is a picture of La Luz and Edward by the pool after they finished cleaning the handrail with baby wipes. I could not capture the two of them in a decent pose at the same time. At least in this one they are both looking in the same general direction:

Most of the weekend was spent in the pool trying to beat the heat. Despite the weather forecasts on Thursday and Friday, the weekend was nice - no rain at all on Saturday and Sunday. La Luz spent most of the weekend dressed like she was ready to get into the pool, like this:

One of the highlights of her weekend was baking cookies with GG in her new apron. They were delicious! Here is a picture of the pastry chefs hard at work:

We had a great weekend and would have been tempted to stay until tomorrow morning but we had to get back to NOLA for a party for all of the ASH nursery girls at the Monkey Room and to put La Luz's 'big' girl bed together. Yes, we are finally moving her out of the crib!

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