Thursday, August 07, 2008

Ready For The Weekend

Christian and I spent our 9th anniversary enjoying a delicious dinner at GG and Papa George's house with friends. It was the perfect way to celebrate! Christian and Papa George extricated themselves from the dinner table in time to catch a bit of the Saints game and watch them pull ahead for a good lead and eventual victory.

La Luz spent the evening hanging out at Mom-Mom and Pop's house and had a blast. She has spent a ton of time at their house this week because Christian has been busy with volleyball. Apparently she has been digging into some of the toys she played with when she was a baby and we lived there after Hurricane Katrina. Here are a few pictures mom took of La Luz rediscovering some old treasures.

Goggle glasses and bouncy chair:

Crying baby doll:

We are heading to Thibodaux for the weekend to hang out with Betsy and Baby Edward who are in town for a few days. La Luz cannot wait to swim, feed the horses and splash around in her boots - neither can I.

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