Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Whiling Away The Hours

It is a good thing that we don't have a tv in our bedroom because I probably wouldn't be sleeping much these days. Instead, I would be watching the Olympics until 3 a.m.

Last night I spent way too much time on the sofa watching this:

and this:

I was suprised to hear Bela Karoly badmouth the Chinese gymanstics program last night. I think all or most of the gymnasts (on the U.S. team as well) look like they could be less than 16 years old. To insinuate that the Chinese government falsified official papers to have underage girls compete in the Olympics is stupid and mean-spirited. He is a crazy, bitter old man filled with sour grapes. The Chinese gymansts were great, they didn't screw up nearly as much as the U.S. team. The screw ups are what make for great entertainment though.


Scarlet said...

Michael Phelps is completely dreamy. And, as you know, we DO have a TV in the bedroom, and were watching the Olympics in the middle of the night!!!

Kitty Brown said...

Tucker laughed his way through the whole thing (though he did think at least one of those girls looked a little young). I can't take the stress of those high bars.