Monday, August 04, 2008

Sushi Anyone?

I made sushi rolls for the first time in years the other night and La Luz got a kick out of watching me make them and eating them. She has spent many evenings with us at Ninja and is quite familiar with sushi. After Katrina, one of our Friday night routines was dinner at Ninja. At that point La Luz was a baby and would spend most of the time in her carrier just checking out the crazy cat clocks and making faces at the waiter. They were great when she was a baby - heated up her baby food, brought out age-appropriate toys for her to play with, played peek-a-boo with her, etc. Now Ninja is one of La Luz's favorite destinations and is usually her restaurant of choice. They are still totally kid-friendly, which is always great because it reduces my anxiety. There are crayons, dinners served in plastic airplanes, juice drinks with balls floating around in them, toys and chopsticks rigged with rubber bands. After three years of practicing she is almost as good with the chopsticks as Christian. If money were not an issue and we didn't live according to a budget we would have dinner at Ninja once a week and would not have to suffer through my miserably crafted rolls.

Definitely not Ninja, but not terrible either. I haven't completely lost my touch.


Kitty Brown said...

Quite impressive. We've never tried to make sushi -- maybe we should check it out! I'm assuming you have some sort of a kit?

TOITA said...

Heyy! I have no idea you are a SUSHI-GIRL!!! I always wanted to learn, since my regula diet includes sushi at least once a week!! Next time in NOLA we have to include sushi lessons!!! That`s for sure!!!



Julie Vaicius said...

I used to have the little mat and tools that make a much better roll. Now I have to rely on my hands and that is why they look sort of sloppy. It is not too tricky and gets easier with practice.

Scarlet said...

I love that La Luz loves the butterfly dress! Remember how Maddie wore it until it was a mini-dress on her? It was a struggle actually getting her to agree to send it to baby Lucy. We are going to clean out Maddie's room this week, so be looking for a care package! Love to all!