Thursday, August 14, 2008

Only Military Corners Please

La Luz's Land of Nod comforter and duvet cover arrived today. She was incredibly excited when she looked inside of the big box and saw pink polka dots. The comforter is incredible - much plusher than any I have ever owned. I am a little jealous but thrilled that she loves it. The duvet is cute, very simple and fits easily in the washing machine. I have always struggled getting comforters inside of duvets. It is some part of the brain that most moms have but that I lack - the part of the brain that allows people to fold fitted sheets and properly use Saran wrap. For me, getting a comforter inside of a duvet is much like what I imagine wrestling an alligator feels like. Rest assured, by the time I was through I had worked up a good sweat and La Luz's bed looked not even close to as neat as this:


Kitty Brown said...

Looks great. Glad she likes it! I don't have those spatial concepts either, oh well.

ummmhello said...

That is so adorable, I'm a little jealous, too :) And I bet it doesn't feel like sandpaper!